Wheel of Fortune offers classic game-show fun

Wheel of Fortune also known as “Wheel” is one of the most well known game shows around the globe. After having to work out some kinks in the beginning years, Wheel of Fortune has come a long way from when it first premiered on NBC in 1975. After switching from a daytime series to a nightly series in 1983, Wheel of Fortune has been on TV for about 30 something years.

Wheel of Fortune is a game show where, three contestants spin the wheel, and guess the missing letters to words or phrases to solve the puzzle. Wheel of Fortune is set in a large open room that has the two wheels, the puzzle board, usually a car that the contestants can win, and of course a place for the audience. The host of Wheel of Fortune is Pat Sajak, and Vanna White is the letter turner or the  hostess of the show. Contestants win money or prizes, as determined by what they spin on the wheel, and for each correct consonant they pick. Unlike the consonants the vowels have to be bought. At the end, the contestant that ends up with the most winnings goes to the bonus round. The bonus round is when the contestant that had the most winnings, goes and spins the other wheel for a chance to win more cash or even a car, if they guess the puzzle correctly. After the contestant spins, they pick three consonants and a vowel then they are only given 10 seconds to guess the puzzle. Both my mom and I have been watching Wheel of Fortune for a long time, we even have competitions to see who can guess the most puzzles correctly.

Overall, if you enjoy gameshows, puzzles, and using your brain, then Wheel of Fortune is the show to watch. If you are interested in watching Wheel of Fortune, it comes on every night at 6:30 on NBC.