Student Spotlight: Nadia Garcia


kolb photo

Sophomore Nadia Garcia leads a pack of runners during a cross country meet.

Coming into high school, sophomore Nadia Garcia wanted to participate in as many things as she could be in, that including all advanced classes.

“I wanted a good balance between academic and sports,” Garcia said. “So I tried my best to do good in school and out of school.”

While her schedule keeps her busy, Garcia said she enjoys the pace.

“My favorite thing is being a part of everything,” Garcia said. She is involved in basketball, track, golf, cheerleading, speech, journalism and UIL. Also, is enrolled in all honors classes.

Garcia’ Latino background made the opportunity to test out of Spanish I and II a simple decision, which gave her the opportunity to take other subjects.

“I was so glad I could get out of taking a Spanish class,” Garcia said. “Since I could have another elective, I took another class to help my grades.”

Talent doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the Garcia family. Garcia’s siblings, Andrea and Roberto, are also active in sports and school organizations.

“My sister is so determined,” freshman Andrea Garcia said. “I’m really glad to have her as a sister. She pushes me more than someone ever could.”