Student Spotlight: Andrea Garcia


Freshman Andrea Garcia, second from the left, is a member of the cross country team that advanced to regional competition last fall.

Many students, especially freshman, see high school as a big scary place. However, for students like Andrea Garcia, it’s another challenge to tackle. Freshman Andrea Garcia works to excel in all of her classes and many sports.

“She is so focused,” freshman Tana Cleveland said. “There is no challenge she can not take on.”

Andrea Garcia participates in cross-country, volleyball, basketball and track. She is currently on the JV basketball team. Her  coaches say she works hard during practice and leaves it all on the court during games. Running, however, is her favorite thing to do.

“I love to run,” Andrea Garcia said.” I doesn’t matter if it’s on a track, court, or on a trail. I love it”

Nadia also works hard on her grades and is involved in academic activities in school. She is part of the competitive speech and debate team and will be competing in district CX debate in a week.

“Andrea has a wonderful voice – smooth and authoritative,” CX coach Melonie Menefee said. “She is smart and grasps ideas quickly. She is doing a terrific job in her first year on the team.”

According to her friends, Andrea is a fun person. Her family said that she is constantly on her phone doing stuff and she only puts it down to eat.

“I cannot live without my phone,” Garcia said. “It is basically my lifeline, but so is food.”

Andrea is the second oldest of three children. She enjoys spending time with her older sister, Nadia, and brother, Roberto. Her siblings also compete in many sports and excel in classes.

“We are competitive with each other,” Nadia said.  “We are always racing and seeing who can make the better the better grade. I win most of the time.”