American Horror Story produces most horrifying season yet

American Horror Story has been a running show ever since 2011 and has grown ever since. Since the beginning of its fifth season, AHS: Hotel ratings have skyrocketed and rave about the show has never been higher. This year, the show was nominated for two awards so far and eight awards total through all of the seasons.

AHS: Hotel has been the most gruesome and exciting season yet. It is based in the infamous Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California. This hotel is known for the many strange and gruesome things that have happened including murders, rapes, and disappearances; which is all good base for a horror TV series. In the TV series, the hotel is owned by the countess, Lady Gaga, who has a strange disease, she is a vampire. This specific vampire does know glitter in the sun or burn at the slightest touch of sunlight but is very active in the day. During the entire series many check-in but very few checkout.

The final episode of the show was aired on January 13, but the entire season will be replayed on the channel. Grab your blankie and coffee for an all nighter of one of the most popular shows in America.