August Alsina releases new album

Singer/rapper August Alsina released his new album “This Thing Called Life” earlier this month. Alsina is more likely to sing about he harsh conflicts that he’s faced rather than the expected R&B love songs. However, he adds and R&B twist to telling street tales. Alsina, the rapper in a R&B singers body, explores the elements of rapping and singing. After his melody-oriented rapping, Alsina effortlessly slips back to his sweet rhythmic singing. In his newest album Alsina sings about his horrific past and some of the things he’s done to help keep food on the table for his family. Even “Would You Know?”, the only love song on the album, focuses on the idea that opening up to the possibility of love leads to vulnerability.

In “This Thing Called Life” Alsina also goes back to his gospel roots. As a child he was in his church’s choir. He still holds on to the belief that salvation can be acquired through the perseverance and a strong sense of belief. In “Why I Do It” Alsina brags more about the work he’s done to get where he is rather than the spoils of being wealthy.

  Alsina finishes his album with “The Encore”, In this song he states “I always thought it would be good, but I never had it this good”. It’s very hard not to root for someone whose music is suffused with such appreciation.