Coach headbutts official

A video of a high school basketball coach from Pennsylvania appearing to headbutt an official during a game surfaced the internet on earlier this month. Coach Jerry Devine made contact with the referee after one of his players was hit with a technical during Tuesday nights tightly-contested game.

“The coach went crazy,” local broadcaster Chris Elmer said. “He came out and made contact with the official and took him off his feet. He was indicating with his body that he didn’t mean to do it.”

Devine was ejected from the game while his team went on to lose to Pennsbury, 49-42. He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Devine should not be allowed to return to coaching at any school due to his unprofessional act. High school sports are different from collegiate sports in the way that calls made by officials can not be challenged. Therefore, Devine had no right to headbutt the referee. Even though Devine did not agree with the call that the official made, making physical contact with him was not the appropriate response.