Sports gaming sites are gambling sites in disguise


Over the past month, advertisements for sports gaming sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings, just to name a few, have become more recurrent. On the sites players compete in day- or week-long fantasy sports games, winning or losing money depending on how members of their teams of real athletes perform on actual game day. Most online gambling in the United States is illegal. However, these sites are over-looked because they are considered “games of skill”.

Attorney generals of many different states have started to order the fantasy sports companies to stop taking bets from their state’s residents. Those who have yet to do so have begun investigating the sites.

Sites like FanDuel and DraftKings should be considered gambling sites. The “game” has nothing to with skill. The people who participate in fantasy sports rely on faith and faith only when choosing their players and the cash prizes that are won can be compared to the earnings won when merely betting on games and golf tournaments.
Gambling is defined as “placing something of value to be won or lost on an event of uncertain outcome in the hopes of winning something greater.” Clearly, the following sites meet the definition of gambling. The game itself even uses gambling related sayings such as “winner takes all” and “high-paying contests”.