Orange is the New Black has something for everyone


Times have changed, including the addition of the phrase Orange is the new black, referring to the popular Netflix series released in 2013. After the release of its first episode, “I wasn’t ready”, ratings rocketed and led to the continuing of the series for three seasons now.

Orange is the New Black is set in a women’s correction facility. Piper Chapman is sent to the facility after her past catches up with her from her association with a drug dealer 10 years earlier. After arriving in the facility she realizes what life is like behind bars, trapped with other women including Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, a mentally unstable lesbian with a violent past, Alex Vause, a lover and protagonist to Piper also with a violent past, and many other women that show why they belong in the facility throughout the story.

Since the release of the show in July 2013, Orange is the New Black has proven to be revolutionary with its many twist and turns through the series. For anyone who loves drama, comedy, character interaction, and any type of enjoyment in their life, this is a definite show to add to your must-watch list.