Chicago Med brings a new medical drama to the table


Chicago Med, created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, is a spin-off of the hit show Chicago Fire. The show is based on the emergency room doctors in a Chicago medical center, and how they save many lives a day.

Relatable real-life drama balanced with interesting medical cases can sum up Chicago Med. Some may describe the show as gruesome or gritty, but that just depends on how much blood you can handle. The show isn’t even close to fully formed yet – the relationships between characters are new and just starting to form – but the foundation is solid enough to show that while this might not be the next ER or Grey’s Anatomy, it’s something that has the potential to be the kind of series that fans grow addicted to.

Overall, if you enjoy shows such as Grey’s that are based on the lives of doctors and the intensity of their job, you will most likely enjoy this show. Chicago Med is just another addition to the Chicago family (Chicago Fire, P.D.), all solid dramas about the people whose lives revolve around saving others.