Justin Bieber makes a turn-around


Justin Bieber is quite a figure. He has had much hate throughout the years and many claim they would love for this Canadian pop singer to go back to where he came from. Yet, his newest album named “Purpose” is causing plenty of people to rethink him and change their minds. Bieber has made a big turn-around with this album and shows through his music that he is able to care about people more than just material things.

I think the album is very good and that Bieber has changed a lot. The songs are very meaningful and powerful. This album is very good for people of any age to listen to and there is not much, if any, cursing. There are 13 songs on the album and each of them showcase a different aspect of his new and improved self. I recommend everyone to go and listen to this album. It is new him and new music; his music better than before and there is a whole new meaning to his music.