Master of None is one of Netflix’s best yet

Aziz Ansari’s Master Of None has had everyone falling out of their chairs with laughter.

This Netflix sitcom is worth staying up late at night to watch. Ansari hits every type of person and makes it feel as if it were directed to them. He goes through a lot of important topics like dating, racism, stereotyping, privilege, and immigration.

Ansari, who is known for playing in comedy shows, stars as Dev in Master of None. It starts off as a young adult who is trying to branch out from doing commercials to being a full-time actor. On his way to auditions he meets lots of new people and obstacles, while meeting his girlfriend. He finally gets a important part in a movie but is heartbroken when he is cut out. Then things start to go downhill and he makes a last-minute decision to move out of the country, leaving us with the biggest cliff hanger. The role is perfect for him and suits him very well.

Of course, his co-stars are a big part of the show, receiving high ratings. If you don’t relate to Dev, one of the other characters will be there to pick up the slack.

Netflix has not said whether Master of None will be renewed for a second season, but with the great reviews it has received, it has to be.