“E Piu Ti Penso” is beautiful depite the language barrier

E Piu Ti Penso is beautiful depite the language barrier

Ever heard Ariana Grande sing in Italian? No? Well you should listen to her new hit “E Piu Ti Penso” which she sings along with famous Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. This song has beautiful sound, like you’re at a opera show.

Compared to all her other songs, she sounds like she is mature and has great vocals. This song has moved her to a whole other level, and she is one of the lucky ladies that has had the opportunity to sing alongside Andrea Boccelli.

Andrea Bocelli is well known for his voice and the music he composes. These two make a beautiful duo; their voices fit perfectly. Words in Italian sound more romantic and seem to have more meaning.

Overall, the song is beautiful and is sung by two very talented artists. Even though it’s in Italian, it is worth listening to. The language isn’t a conflict because just by listening to it, you know what the song is about.