Living in a big family


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Kendall and Macky Morales spend time together at school as well as at home. They have older sisters as well as younger sisters.

Living with multiple siblings is tiring and sometimes stressful, especially when each one is involved in different things. When you have three or more siblings, then you probably know the struggle of living in a house full of kids.

“My house is a comfortable place to chill sometimes,” Macky Morales, freshman who has five sisters, said. “On busy days, it can get pretty chaotic, but that’s when we have the most fun.”

However unstable and chaotic a big family is, there are advantages of living in one. Studies show that children from large families develop self-reliance and social skills, as well as the ability to compromise and get along.

“I think [living in a big family] is an advantage because you will never get lonely,” freshman Tana Cleveland, who has two older brothers and a younger sister, said.

But with every advantage there is a disadvantage. While living in a big family leaves you surrounded by people you love, it can also create quite a money problem.

“We usually buy food every two weeks,” freshman Yomele Almeida, who has four siblings, said. “Food doesn’t stay very long.”

Fun, chaotic, and never quiet are words that could describe the everyday “big” family. All of these things are not bad though, they could end up helping you out in the real world. You will learn to love being in the company of people who care for you.

“I get along with my siblings, most of the time,” freshman Yomele Almeida, oldest of four, said. “It is loud and, when I babysit, it is really hard. But, I love them.”