Jumping on the 21 pilots bandwagon

Yes, Just like every other person in this world, I like 21 pilots. A novice to this whole “I’m a fan of 21 pilots” thing, I had never heard one of their songs until recently, but when I did, I instantly felt connected to the music.

My overall favorite song is “Tear in my heart” The song is well constructed, the rhythm is fast and upbeat. So no, you won’t fall asleep while listening to it. The majority of the songs in the album are fast but with slow undertones. The band is very original, they have a different sound, you don’t hear often. THey way they dress and the music kind of feels like rock but not as loud and hard.

The artist are better than other groups because they aren’t a typical boy band like One Direction or The wanted. Compared to other artist, they play all different genres, like electro pop, indie, alternative hip hop. So yes, when it comes to hearing one of their songs, give it a go because you’re in for a great ride.