The Weeknd is sort of “meh”

The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye)  has recently made another album called Beauty Behind the Madness. I liked the album, but to me it seemed he repeated things over and over, just changing up words and melodies.

The lyrics seemed so cliche. All about the same things. I don’t like the fact that it said something about a girl in every song. Sure maybe one or two songs were about himself but 75% of the album was just about “doing” girls.

However, the sound of the album was great. The music was on point. My favorite song from the album is ‘Real life’.

The album does hit some good points when he gets into depth with feelings. The album as a whole had a really good turn out. But if he just created a little variety within the lyrics it would make the album much better.

His past work was very mellow, and then, as he got into the whole ‘celebrity’ business, it changed pretty drastically. But he is a very good artist, all in all.

In The Weeknd’s early years before fame he dropped out of highschool at 17 and “left one weekend and never came home” thus giving him inspiration for his name. One day he decided to post videos on YouTube under the name ‘The Weeknd’ and ever since has been a celeb.