Ben Rector’s new album worth a listen

What has Ben Rector been up to these last few years? Apparently he has been working on his new album Brand New. It may have taken a while to be released, but it was  a wait worth while.

Brand New was released in August. The album has been on Billboard’s Top 200, and is currently at number nine. It was Rector’s second album to be released by his own record label, leading it to be number two on Billboard’s Independent Album category.

Rector carries his music and his voice is one of the strongest I’ve heard. Of course, lyrics plays a big part in the music; they were well-chosen words. His music is humble, sweet and honest.

Rector provides his listeners with a variety of music types. They’re not all love songs. Track six, “Fear”, has to be one of his most inspirational songs ever. There are still soothing songs like “Make Something Beautiful” that let listeners experience his peaceful and charming side.