Cross country runners go the extra mile


kolb photo

The Lady Bison cross country runners take off at a meet earlier this week.

Almost done with mile two, thinking I can’t do it anymore but you know you have to keep going. You pass one person, then two, and before you know it you’re in the top ten and you can see the finish line.

Cross country runners Nadia Garcia, Andrea Garcia, Tyler Sanders, Nathaniel Young and Jose Sanchez feel that adrenaline rush every time they are running in a crowd of cross country runners, all aiming for the finish line and a top time.

“Running is my passion,” sophomore Nadia Garcia said. “I have been running my whole life, and even though I didn’t do as good in our first meet as I wanted to, I just have to keep aiming for my goal.”

Cross country runners attended the biggest meet in the state of Texas earlier this month and competed against some of the best schools in the state.

“The kids did great,” coach Sheila Rubel said. “This was one of the biggest meets in the state, and it was a lot of tough competition.”

The meet was attended by all sizes of schools from 1A all the way to 6A. There were national qualifying runners, which made it even more nerve-wrecking for the runners.

“At their coach, I just want to improve them as runners,” Rubel said. “This meet was just a preview of how district is going to be in a few weeks, but I know that if we keep working hard and getting better we’re going to be part of the best ones out there.”