Soccer draws league players


Soccer players Nadia and Andrea Garcia practice with their league in Mexia.

While soccer is growing in popularity in the United States, school leagues for 3A schools just don’t exist yet. For students who want a chance to play, leagues outside of school open up the opportunity.

Freshman Luis Guerrero played for the Indoor Mexia Rapid League this summer. He and his team took second place in their summer tournament.

“I  love soccer,” Guerrero said. “I loved playing this summer because I got the chance to make new friends.”

Freshman Andrea Garcia also plays and enjoys the physical benefits of playing.

“It helps me stay in shape,” Garcia said. “I love the adrenaline of the fans.”

Sophomore Nadia Garcia plays for the Women’s Soccer League on the Mexia Blackcats team.

“Soccer has influenced a lot in my life,” Nadia said. “It’s a way to stay fit, and I get the opportunity to interact with people from my culture.”