Long-distance student

Sophomore spends 10+ hours on the road each week just to travel to school and back


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Freshman Lilah Molina uses activity period to catch up on her homework. Molina and her sister ride an hour each way to school each day; their mom, Georgeanna Molina-Adams, works at the administration office.

Dodging 18-wheelers and freeway traffic is something that most residents save for weekend trips to bigger towns for shopping and errands, but for sophomore Lilah Molina, it is part of her daily commute. She and her mom, Georgeanna, who works in the administration office, make the trip to and from Huntsville for school every day.

“I just sleep on the drive each day,” Molina said. “It’s hard to wake up really early.”

Although she started attending Buffalo because her mom was working here, Molina said that she enjoys school in Buffalo better than in Huntsville.

“I like a smaller city,” Molina said. “Buffalo doesn’t have a lot of students, so it is easier for me to connect with the teacher in the classroom.”

A hour trip one-way when she does not have her license means that Molina is reliant on mom for transportation. That means that when mom can’t make it to work, neither can Molina.

“I just have to stay home from school,” Molina said. “I help her out around the house.”

A long drive doesn’t keep Molina from participating in debate and speech events, theatre, journalism, FCCLA and Student Council. She just has to be creative with getting back and forth for evening and weekend events.

“I have good friends who I can stay with,” Molina said. “They know I live far away so they help me get to school those days.”

Molina’s little sister, Juliette Molina, is continuing on the family “tradition” and is now going to Pre-K at Buffalo Elementary School instead of Huntsville.

“I love it because she’s so little and we can hang out,” Molina said. “I am really glad she is going to school here.”