Creative transportation

Senior David McAlpine uses longboard to get around town


j trejo photo

Senior David McAlpine adds some miles to his longboard. The student uses his longboard to get from school to work at Brookshire Bros. each day.

What happens when you need to get to work but don’t have a car? Is it time to give up and quit? For Senior David McAlpine, longboarding was a better solution than giving up his job or walking to work after school. He started riding his longboard after losing his car.

“I was headed to church, running late, so I was driving a little faster than usual,” McAlpine Said. “So as I was turning  the corner the road had flooded and now I have water damage that i’m still trying to trace.”

McAlpine took something he did for fun and turned it into something useful.

“It started with a meaningless hobby and exciting thrill,” McAlpine said. “It takes me around ten minutes to get to work.”

His mode of transportation has caught the eye of other students.

“It’s pretty cool to see someone take up a hobby like that in a small town,” junior Sarah Travis said. “It would be nicer if the town had more sidewalks for people with other transportation.”