NASCAR loses racer in freak accident

Indycar driver Justin Wilson saved six lives before being laid to rest last week. Wilson, a well-known advocate for charities everywhere, donated his organs to others and provided vital help to six people. He died at age 37 after suffering a head injury during a race at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. He was hit by airborne pieces from another car and then crashed into the wall on the track.

Agreeing to be an organ donor speaks volumes about Wilson’s character. His kind gesture gave six people a second chance at life. This really shows the kind of humanitarian that Wilson was. The fact that Wilson passed away while doing something that was out of his control is hard to stomach. However, he did die doing the thing that he loved: racing.

Wilson tweeted that he “loved going fast”. With that speed came dangerous risks. Wilson’s family announced his death on Monday. Wilson is survived by his wife, Julia, his two daughters, Jane and Jessica.Wilson also has a younger brother, Stefan, who is also a former racer.

Wilson will always be remembered. Not only for his tremendous driving, but also for his kind acts of humanity. Tributes to the Wilson and his family have flooded Twitter and other social media networks. Wilson may be gone, but he will definitely never be forgotten.