Twinning: power of the siblings

The new VH1 hit show Twinning challenges the power of identical twins. It is a contest about 12 pair of identical twins who are fighting to get the grand prize of $222,222.22.The show test the twins both physically and mentally.

Like any good reality TV show, the stars are put into difficult, sometimes impossible, situations. Twists in the plot are aimed at creating the most drama and causing the most action. The twins live apart during the competition and are tested on how well they know one another and how well they cooperate and work together as a team, even when apart.

While it is just one more show designed to make viewers love and hate various cast members, much of it really is amazing. The ability of sets of twins to think alike is incredible. Being a twin is something that most people never get a chance to experience, but Twinning gives viewers a glimpse into what it would be like to have a second self.