Student Focus: Nathanael Young


morales photo

Junior Nathanael Young checks out a flyer on entering the military in the library. Young hopes to go into the army after high school.

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a random person running on the streets? Chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of junior Nathanael Young, who spends his free time after school running all over town, his whole route consists of running down highways and backroads for a total of six miles. Young never fails to run: sun, rain or freezing weather and harsh winds – he will still push through.

“I’ve always loved running but what really started it was realizing I would never get better if I didn’t start pushing myself,” Young said. “I enjoy running because it gives me a feeling of fulfillment.”

Nathanael also has a taste for adventure, which has gotten him into tough situations on more than one occasion.

“I like thrilling things because I find them fun to do,” Young said. “I honestly don’t think they’re all that crazy, but I think they make fun stories. In 30 years when I meet up with my friends again, we will be able to recall all those things.”

Nathanael is the youngest of four siblings, all boys, which has left an impact on his life.

“Growing up without a dad definitely had a big influence on my life. But my brother Calvin is the one who has influenced me the most,” Young said. “I only lived with one brother, the others were grown up, but having that brother was like having a partner in crime all the time,”

After high school Young plans on joining the Marines.

“I think it’s a great way to start out my life and I want to make the world a better place,” Young said. “I also believe that it will be a great way to push myself and see what I am truly capable of.”