Baseball team in first place


pate photo

Junior Logan Freeman pitches at a home game. The Bison take on New Waverly tonight.

New baseball coaches and a new set of players have equalled two full teams – varisty and JV – not only completing the season, but doing so with winning records. The varsity team is currently in first place, with an important game against New Waverly tonight.

“So far we have only lost three games,” junior Clint Guyton said. “I think that we have come a lot farther and are doing a lot better than we have done in the past.”

With only five seniors on the team this year, the younger players are having to step up. The varsity team is currently in tie for second.

“It is true that we do have a slightly younger team,” Bell said. “I think that the younger players have done a great job in stepping up.”

Sophomore Justin Foley got his first hit of the season during a JV game.

“I got a first-base hit, and it was really neat.” Foley said.

JV is also doing well with a 17-1 record and have only lost one game.

“We have been doing very well this season,” Freshman Jordy Maltos said. “ Its been a great season and i’ve had a great team.”