The Lazarus Effect leaves much to be desired


The other day I saw The Lazarus Effect in theaters. This film was not good. Although, it had the potential to be a good film. I did not expect The Lazarus Effect to be that good, but it was absolutely horrible. It really disappointed me.

    The Lazarus Effect was a 2015 thriller/horror film. It starred Olivia Wilde as Zoe, Mark Duplass as frank, Evan Peters as Clay, Donald Glover as Niko, and Sarah Bolger as Eva.  The Lazarus Effect is about how Frank, Zoe (his fiance), and their team has achieved the impossible. They found a way to resurrect the dead.

After they perform the experiment on a lifeless animal, they are ready to make their work public. When their dean learns what they have done he shuts them down. They try to recreate the experiment and Zoe dies during it. Frank then decides to perform the experiment on his dead fiancee. He revives her, but when she comes back she’s evil.

This movie had potential to be a good movie, but I believed they messed it up when they had the fiance die and kill everyone. If she wouldn’t have killed everyone and let at least the last girl live, they could have shown her dealing with the outcome of performing the experiment and most likely going to jail. Killing everyone and leaving no one for the end of the movie is what I think ruined it.

The movie started of good. When the fiance died it all went downhill. I believe if they would have kept the movie going as it started, it would have turned out better. They should have kept performing it and showing the effects it had on the animals they performed it on.