DUFF is fun, but not life-altering


 DUFF is all about Bianca, a frumpy but content high school senior whose world is when she finds out she is known as ‘The DUFF’ (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier, more popular friends. She is soon desperate to become anyone but the duff, and gets Wesley, a slick but charming jock, to help her to reinvent herself before her entire senior year goes down in flames.

As part of her transformation, Bianca has to confront Madison, a judgemental cyber-bully, and stir up the school’s entire social hierarchy – and, in the process, remind everyone that no matter what people look or act like, we are all someone’s DUFF.

The DUFF though a great movie doesn’t achieve teen-movie greatness, but does have just enough of  a modern twist to spice the movie up.