Student Focus: Katelyn Cannon


pate photo

Junior Katelyn Cannon performs with junior Kendall Morales in the fall production of Willy Wonka.

Many people fear public speaking in one way or another: talking in front of people can be intimidating. Junior Katelyn Cannon has learned to face that fear head on, having participated in several play productions, even singing in some.

“I don’t usually sing,” Cannon said. “So trying out for Willy Wonka was very scary. My hands were literally shaking when I walked on the stage.”

Katelyn has also landed a role in this year’s OAP play The Childrens Hour.

“I feel like I am doing okay with my part,” Cannon said. “I don’t know how the show will turn out, but I hope we do good.”

Her older sister Kara is who prompted her to start theater. She also has three other siblings, a little brother, Christian, an older sister, and a twin sister, Kortney.

“Living with a twin is like having a permanent stalker,” Cannon said. “As for my other siblings, my mom actually adopted my brother. So I’m glad that my mom got her son.”

Katelyn doesn’t have an after school job, so she uses her free time, she says, to chill and try to take over the world.

“I’m pretty laid back as a person. I don’t like stress,” Cannon said. “So I’m debating on whether or not to do OAP next year.”

Cannon’s friends enjoy her company and her relaxed aura.

“I think Katelyn is awesome,” sophomore Sarah Travis said. “I just met her this year but we are good friends, she’s very chill.”