Student focus: Maci Hoffman


pate photo

Junior Maci Hoffman plays defense during a basketball game earlier this year. Maci scored 1,000 by the time she was a sophomore.

The real skill to being a sports star is to work really hard to make the moves on the court look effortless, and this is something that junior Maci Hoffman has definitely done in basketball. It paid off recently when she was awarded a plaque by coach Jozette Jenkins for reaching the 1,000-point mark last season.

“I was very excited when I found out that I had scored 1,000 points as a sophomore,” Hoffman said. “Now I plan on working on my ball handling skills so that if Jordan is ever in trouble I will be able to step up and help her.”

Maci has been playing sports ever since she was five. Her parents quickly realized her ability and encouraged her to stick with it.

“It gets very stressful at times having to worry about my grades, focusing on basketball, and helping my team but I always find a way to get through it all,” Hoffman said. “My dad is my biggest motivator, and I’m so glad I have a family that supports me.”

Hoffman states that she just loves the game. Playing sports is her outlet, a way to express herself. Basketball is her favorite sport which she focuses the majority of her time on.

“I like playing sports because I have a big heart and i give 100 percent in whatever I do,” Maci said. “I love practicing to get better and I love working with my team to achieve big goals.”