Student Focus: Logan Freeman


neyland photo

Junior Logan Freeman poses with other students volunteering to cook meals at the Ronald McDonald House last week.

High grades may be important to junior Logan Freeman, who is currently second in the junior class rankings, but he knows that there are other important things in life, as well, both in and out of school. Last week he helped volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, and week after week he tries to get his classmates and other students to attend the basketball games and cheer the players on.

“This is my second time volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, and it feels great to help families that are going through a hard time,” said Freeman. “As for the basketball games, I have many friends that play and I know that it feels good to have people cheer for your team when you’re doing all you can to win in a game”

While doing all he can to get the crowd going at the games, he’s also busy in other organizations such as FFA, NHS and 4-H. He’s hoping that being active will pay off for him when it is time for college.

“Helping out and volunteering in thing makes me feel good for doing good, but it also helps when it comes to applying for college,” Freeman said. “I’m planning going to college after high school to become a physical therapist.”