Girls join powerlifting team for first time ever


lack photo

Freshman Taylor Lack competes during the first powerlifting meet of the year.

Powerlifting is no longer just a tough-guy sport at BHS. Saturday, the girls joined in on the fun, not only competing, but placing at a meet hosted by Rusk High School.

“I’m glad that as the first-ever girls powerlifting team we were able to come home with a success, “ freshman Ima Champion said. “It feels pretty good.”

The team has been revamped from the top, with new coaches and a more organized workout than in the past.

“There are a lot more people involved this year,” junior Clint Guyton said. “We have a better workout plan this year, too.”

Part of the plan was getting an earlier start on things and working as much as possible before their first competition.

“We have been working hard to be ready for this weekend,” junior Seth Folsom said. “We started a little under a month ago, and we work as much as we can after school to be prepared.”