Lady Bison pull in one win, one loss


morris photo

Senior Taryn Morman gets up and over a Crockett player as she sends the ball sailing towards the net.

The girls basketball team hosted Westwood last Tuesday and finished with a win. The team led both first and second quarter. After the Bison hit a cold spot going into the fourth quarter, the Panthers capitalized off of this by scoring 8 points in less than 2 minutes.

“Our main problem is how we give up so many points when we think that we have the game won,” head coach Jozette Jenkins said. “We have to continue to play up no matter what the score is.”

Luckily, the girls regained their composure and were able to finish the night with a win. Both Hoffman and Grissett lead the team scoring 15, then Jenkins with 10, Morman and Shelton with 5, Sotelo with 4 and Anderson with 2.

“Tuesday was a sluggish game for everyone,” Hoffman said. “Thankfully we were able to finish with a win.”

Friday the basketball team traveled to Crockett. They came up short, losing by only six points.

“I think the girls played a good game,” assistant coach Nicole Smith said. “If they would have played the first half like they did the second half that game would have been ours.”

After making adjustments, the girls came alive in the third quarter, breaking Crockett’s 23-point lead.

“There were things that we did in the second half that we should have been doing in the first half,” Jenkins said. “We have to see Crockett again and I’m confident that we will come out on top when we do.”

Jenkins lead her team with 25 points, after her was Hoffman with 14, then Grissett with 9, Helmcamp with 3 and Morman with 2.

“The next time we see Crockett we will beat them,” Grissett said. “If we don’t then we will probably end up with second place in district, which is not what we are gunning for.”