“How to Get Away With Murder” brings mixed reviews

How to Get Away With Murder brings mixed reviews

In September of 2014, ABC released it’s latest series, “How to Get Away With Murder”. With a leading female role played by Viola Davis, the show keeps viewers on the edges of their seats. It is about a criminal law professor teaching her students – what was that title again? – how to get away with murder.

One viewer said “it isn’t perfect, but it’s never boring”, about the new series. It’s the type of mystery that no matter how many times you guess, your guess is always wrong.

While the show holds plenty of suspense, there are viewers who have decided not to watch the series any more simply because they think it is too full of realistic ways to kill someone and get off scot free. With all the violence already going on in the world, a show that is based entirely on escaping punishment for murder does not go over well with some viewers.

If you’re the kind of viewer who is capable of separating fiction from reality, and you like politics and mystery, you should check out this series. If not, then it is probably not for you. This series may just be one you have to be the judge of for yourself.