Mummy versus Daddy blog funny for more than just parents


Two young parents living in England started a blog named MUMMY VS. DADDY. In this blog the parents of four children tell what parenthood is like in a slightly comical, but intelligent style.

The blogs catchphrase is: “we share children, not opinions”. They write reviews on things like children’s movies, toys and other things that affect their children or themselves.

The two adults don’t share their names of their children on their blog, but go by the letters of the first names – R, age 5; LA, 4; LU, 2; C, a month old. However, they do share their opinions. They even debate different things occasionally having to do with world issues or to do with their children in the comments.

Daddy, Otherwise known as Stuart, was 30 when they started the blog and works as a Binman. Mummy is 25, and her name is Sarah; she is a stay-at-home mom, taking care of the children.

Daddy is sort of the comic relief, making lots of jokes but still making worthwhile comments. Mummy is more serious; I suppose you have to be if you’re staying at home with all four of the children all day.

Mummy Vs. Daddy also has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and an a few other social media site to check out. The blog can be found at