LeBron James plays passively to strengthen team


    LeBron James admits to being “passive” in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ two losses in the early season compared to how he played in the team’s lone win. However, James said it won’t help his team in the long run if he simply chooses to carry them to victories in the interim.

In every game that James has played passive the Cavs have lost. However, I’m not saying that he should try and carry the team. Like James said, that won’t help his team in the long run. James’ season last year is a good example. James along with Wade and Bosh were the primary catalyst of that team. In the final game, when the Spurs found a way to stop those three, the other teammates didn’t know how to adjust to having to step up and fill their shoes.

I completely agree with James. He doesn’t want to end another season like last year. To do so, he can’t take it in his own hands to win a game. The Cavs have to learn to play as a team if they want to go far. With the players that they have, this won’t be hard to do. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love bring a lot to the table. Irving scored 34 points for the Cavs against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday.

“I’ve had two games where I played a little passive and been more of a setup guy and it resulted in two losses,” James said “And I’ve had a game where I’ve been very aggressive and we won. Is winning the ultimate thing of being the best team we can be or (do we need to win) one game? That’s something going on in my mind right now.”