Five-year-old signs contract with Utah Jazz


The Utah Jazz signed five-year-old JP Gibson, a free-agent guard, to a one-day contract for a special scrimmage Monday night.

Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, signed his contract with Jazz president Randy Rigby before joining the team in uniform for the annual preseason intrasquad scrimmage.

Wearing a No. 1 jersey, Gibson even got to play in the scrimmage. A player passed him the ball, and he dribbled into the lane, where center Rudy Gobert lifted him up so he could dunk.

This is a moment that Gibson will never forget. More teams, not only in the NBA, but in other professional leagues, should do this as well. This act of kindness not only brought a smile to Gibson’s face, but also to every viewer in the crowd.

Gibson was joined by his parents, Josh and Megan, and his two-year-old sister, Elsie. The family was hosted by the Jazz and photographer Jon Diaz’s “Anything Can Be” project, which creates storybooks for children with cancer about their dreams and wishes.