Homecoming game packs bleachers


pate photo

Senior OT Garcia takes the ball and heads toward the goal line.

The parking lot was full and the bleachers were crowded with not only the usual Friday night crowd but students from years past who had come to see old teachers and classmates while they supported the Bison. The team fell to the Trinity Tigers 6-26, but they held their own and worked to improve.

“Even though we lost, it was better than the week before,” senior Rudy Salazar said. “You could see improvement throughout the entire game.”

The team members saw their own improvement, as well.

“Our defense keeps improving every week,” sophomore Matt Gilliam said. “It sucks that we lost homecoming, but hopefully we can use this loss to help us in the future.”

Overall, the crowd seemed pleased with the advances the team is making under their new coaching staff.

“The football team fought hard, fought with heart, and in the end it was a real shame the we had to lose like that,” graduate Junior Francisco said. “What matters most in the end is seeing the community come together.”