Social media can be used for help


Reggie Miller’s teenage niece was returned home, hours after former NBA star cried out to the public for help finding her.

Nikki Millar’s bedroom was found empty a little after 7:00 Monday morning. Shortly after Nikki was discovered missing her relatives alerted authorities. Officers immediately dispatched to the scene found no evidence that she had been taken against her will, and actually said that it appeared she had set her room up to look like she was still there.

It’s hard for me to understand the possibility that someone like Nikki Miller would run away. She has a famous uncle, family support, and is a beautiful girl. What would make her run away, even for a short time? It’s like so many times when someone posts a request for help or prayers on social media, and everyone wants to know what has happened or give an opinion on what should be done to fix the situation. Why do we need to know all the gory details just to say a quick prayer or have a little sympathy. We don’t.

I guess it is just a good reminder that we cannot know who is going through something challenging in their life or what kinds of hidden problems someone might have. As for myself, I don’t have to know what drove her to run away to be glad that she has made it home safely.