Bison fall to state-ranked Franklin


pate photo

Junior Logan Freeman runs with the ball during the Bison game against Franklin. The team lost to state-ranked Franklin 0-70.

The junior varsity football boys played at home this past Thursday night against the Franklin Lions. Despite a hard fight, the Bison fell to the Lions with a 0-38 for their first district game of the season.

“We played hard,” junior Isai Montano said “We tried our best, they just were more prepared than us.”

The boys say that they are improving, and that they are going to work hard to get to where they want to be.

“We were better than the first game, and we are changing things with little steps,” junior Toby Werk said “We just made some mistakes that cost us points.”

The varsity Bison travelled to Franklin on Friday night. The boys played a difficult game against the state-ranked Lions and ended the game with a 0-77 score. They hope that in the future district games they can work together to bring out some more wins.

“We could have performed better, but we made some careless mistakes,” senior Jernon Hawley said. “Now we just need to move on from this game and focus on the next one.”

Although it was a tough game, the fans still came out to support the Bison.

“The stands were all full, which shows the character of our community,” cheerleader Taylor Lack said. “Even though they didn’t win, we were still there to cheer them on.”

The Bison fans kept an optimistic outlook throughout the game. In the end they were still proud of the boys, even with the loss.

“Franklin is second in state, and it seemed like the boys let that get in their head from the start,” band member Diana Avila said. “The band and cheerleaders worked together to help keep the boys spirits up.”

While some of the boys were upset about the loss, others chose to look at it in a more positive way.

“All these games have taught us lessons, and helped us to grow stronger,” junior Clay McGill said. “Through the season, we will continue to grow as a team.”