Violence on the field is breeding violence off


    “Has America’s favorite sport created some kind of monsters?” is the question that’s currently trending. The high demand for football players to perform a certain way has caused the athletes to try and be as athletically talented as possible. Football, a game surrounded by tackling, is a game for strong men.

Football has gradually increased over the years in size and talent. It trains and strengthens and rewards dangerous and violent men. Because of this, the act of violence has since then collided with the athletes’ everyday lives. These violent men colliding into each other also interrupts their brain chemistry which makes them even more dangerous. As a result of only knowing one way to respond – violently – players are leaving cuts, bruises  and scars not only on the field, but also in their personal and public lives.

While America’s favorite bloodsport is making profit for the teams and the businesses running the commercials, it is also creating uncontrollable monsters. The only possible solution is more and more punishment. Someone needs to find a way to pull the plug on this cycle before it becomes more out-of-control than it already is.