NFL should mind its business


In yet another case of violence in the NFL, an accusation of child abuse has surfaced against Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who allegedly whipped his four-year-old son with a stick from a tree.

The incident, which Peterson says was an episode of disciplining that went farther than he intended, broke skin. A warrant has been issued for Peterson’s arrest, and he will have to turn himself in. Peterson was placed on the inactive list for their home opener against New England. On Monday he was reinstated, and then, after sponsors started to drop, was removed again.

If parents were accused of “child abuse” every time that they spanked their children for disciplinary reasons, then just about every parent I know would be in jail. I don’t know any children who has never gotten a whopping that, sometimes, even breaks skin.

The NFL should not have any say in the way Peterson chooses to discipline his son. Neither should they pretend as if they’ve never gotten a spanking or given one before. I’m sure he had no intentions of severely abusing his son. This is a personal issue, and until and unless Peterson is convicted of child abuse, he should stay on the field.