New coaches dominate staff


menefee photo

The coaching staff stands to be introduced during Meet the Bison.

A new school year has brought with it an almost-entirely new coaching staff. Only girls coordinator Jozette Jenkins and junior high teacher/coach Chris Smith remain; since almost all of the new coaches also teach, there are plenty of new faces not only on the field, but in the classroom, as well.

Along with Athletic Director Gary Grubbs came a group of boys coaches including JJ Guidry, Jared Grubbs, Austin Grubbs, Ray Ramos, Neal Welch and Eric Garcia. Aaron Bell, a former BHS graduate, also choose to come back and join the coaching staff. Aaron Snow, who also graduated from BHS, Nicole Smith, Charles Donohoe and Carrie Allen join Jenkins on the girls’ side.

“The students and athletes are the most well behaved children I’ve been around,” Allen said. “The parents and staff are very supportive. It’s a great place to be.”

Donohoe, who is the head volleyball coach, has already started the pre-season of with several wins.

“The new coaches are all really cool and easy to get along with,” said Sarah Burchfield. “ I think this year will be a really good year because we’ve been working hard in practice and everyone is improving.”

The new coaches started the year by implementing new workouts into the athletes’ daily routines. Every day the players work in groups in the weight room with 10 minutes of lifting, 10 minutes of mat drills, and 10 minutes of running outside on the track.

“The workouts are very hard,” sophomore Kynlee Driskill said. “However, I know that they are only making us better.”