Jakar Hamilton digs a deeper hole


Dallas Cowboys second-year safety Jakar Hamilton will be sitting out for the first four games of the regular-season after being suspended for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He is the second Cowboy to be suspended.

This four-game suspension will be Hamilton’s second violation of the NFL’s drug policy. Apparently, he missed a urine test during organized team activities. He claims he showed up after the team workout but that the league’s collector was already gone.

Between the drug use of Hamilton and teammate Orlando Scandrick, the Cowboys franchise will be out about $44,000 in fines to the NFL.

Considering Hamilton is currently fighting for a spot on the 53-man Cowboy roster, missing a urine test was a dumb move on his part. Hamilton was favored to make the team, but it was definitely not guaranteed. The Cowboys need as many players as possible in the secondary, and they could very well decide that they don’t want to wait around for Hamilton. So, here is a guy on the edge, hoping to get through the cuts and grab a one-season salary of nearly $500,000, and he puts it all at risk by managing to miss a drug test. Smart. Really smart.