Student Spotlight: Mollie Hirsch



Junior Mollie Hirsch gets ready to serve the ball during a home volleyball game.

Harley Sanders, Reporter

Sports is the focus for junior Mollie Hirsch, who stays busy balancing school work, including dual credit classes, with playing volleyball, basketball and track.

“It’s hard balancing out all my classes and playing sports, “Hirsch said, “but I manage to make it work.”

In addition to dual credit English and US History, Mollie is in four PreAP classes. She said she has a lot of work for her classes but she always does everything she can to make sure her grades are good.

“PreAP classes aren’t for everyone,” Hirsch said. “My grades are very important to me because I plan on going to a good college to get myself a good education.”

Mollie sees herself as a very outgoing and artistic person, and her friends agree. 

“Being around Mollie is like being around Adam Sandler,” senior Alondra Dominguez said. “She always makes everyone laugh and the team always has a good time when she is around.”

Mollie isn’t sure exactly what she wants to do with her future and said it’s better to live in the moment and just see what happens.

“It’s hard figuring out my future but I am only a junior,” Hirsch said. “I just want to have fun and live my life without thinking about what’s going to happen next.”