Student Spotlight: Xander Cheek



Senior Xander Cheek takes the handoff from senior Zayne Johnson during a home game against Teague.

Harley Sanders, Reporter

Senior year can be tough on an athlete. Playing one last season on the home field. Heading out onto the turf for one last shot before graduation. These were all things going through senior Xander Cheek’s mind as he took the field against Florence last month for the last home game of the season.

“Playing my last game at home was very hard for me,” Cheek said. “I have loved football all my life and watching it all come to an end is tough.”

Football has allowed Cheek to build bonds he says he will never forget.

“My football brothers will always be my best friends even after high school, “Cheek said. “There is no replacing them or forgetting them.”

As exhausting as playing football is, Cheek said the adrenaline rush when he’s on the field keeps him from even realizing how hard he is working.

“When I’m on the field I don’t realize how exhausted I actually am from running everywhere,” Cheek said. “I am just playing football with my team.”

That endurance, physically and mentally, is what has been the biggest lesson for Cheek during his football years.

“Football has taught me that you will always get what you put into it,” Cheek said. “You can’t be lazy and expect to get a better outcome.”

Cheek said his coaches have been wonderful role models. 

“My football coaches are like fathers to me,” Cheek said. “They showed me that you have to believe in your team before you can believe in yourself.”

Cheek said he knows the lessons he has learned on the field will help him in the future. 

“I have had a great four years playing football,” Cheek said. “I’ve enjoyed experiencing the great friendships I have made with my friends and my coaches. I am now ready to see what life has in store for me and my future.”