Bison move to Area playoff game


April Martinez

The football playoffs started with a match-up against the Rice Consolidated Raiders; the game was a success for the Buffalo Bison.

“Winning against Rice was relieving,” sophomore Lane Freeman said. “I hope we can make it far in the playoffs.”

No touchdowns were scored in the first quarter by either team, but a fumble recovery and interception by the Raiders made for a rough start for the Bison.

“Even though none of us made a touchdown, a lot happened in the first quarter,” senior Brett Hoffman said. “We kept losing the ball.”

During the second quarter, senior Brett Hoffman threw a 24-yard touchdown to sophomore Kyle Harrison, followed by a 12-yard touchdown run by Hoffman. Before the quarter ended though, the Raiders scored two touchdowns, making the score 14-14.

“The game started to get intense,” sophomore Rodrigo Campos said. “Even though I didn’t play, it was excited to watch what would happen next.”

After the band and belles finished performing at halftime, the Bison made their way to the end zone, but they failed to stop the Raiders from making another touchdown.

“Every time we would make a touchdown, they would make a touchdown,” senior Benito Avila said. “They kept catching up to us, and it would stop us from leading.”

In the last quarter, the Bison scored another touchdown, and once again, the Raiders tied the score by adding six more points on the scoreboard. With less than 15 seconds on the clock, the Bison had only one chance to win the game, and they did not disappoint. The Bison fought their way to the end zone and made the PAT, raising the score to 34-27.

“All I remember is everyone screaming their heads off,” junior and cheer co-captain Addison Lathrop said. “I didn’t want the season to end already. I’m so glad they won.”

The boys will play the George West Longhorns Friday night in Hallettsville in hopes of making it to the third round of playoffs.