Powerlifting team gears up for district

Bison to host invitational meet February 15


mosley photo

Sophomore Seth Folsom starts his dead lift at the invitational meet in Elkhart. The team will host their own meet on February 15.

    The powerlifting team competed at a meet in Elkhart last Saturday, going up against eight  teams and placing fifth. The team plans to compete in several more meets and host one of their own before regional competition later in the spring.

    “We competed against eight other teams and finished fifth,” head coach James Perkins said. “But, we didn’t have a full team.”

    According to Perkins, the team placed well in the area they were competing in, with Mason Jonas finishing first in the 120 weight class, Cameron Varner second in the 145, Cesar Lopez fourth in the 198, Seth Folsom fourth in the 220, Sammy Cervantes sixth in the 165, and Clint Guyton sixth in the 242.

    “The team placed okay for us not having a full team,” Perkins said. “But having a full team would have been better.”

    The competitors that were in the meet felt they did their best, putting all their effort into the meet, and each meet afterwards. They know they could, and will, do better.

    “I’ve improved a lot and it was better than last year,” senior Cesar Lopez said. “I’m pretty sure I’ll do better at each meet.”

    A more recent meet had to be rescheduled.

    “We had a meet planned for last Thursday. We were supposed to go to Cayuga,” Perkins said. “But it got canceled and we had a tri-meet in Centerville instead.”

     Regional competition in powerlifting is scheduled for March 1, with the state meet on March 22.