Bison continue winning streak


April Martinez

The Buffalo Bison (4-0) added another win to their season after defeating the Teague Lions (0-4) in last Friday’s football game. The Bison will tackle next Friday’s competition in Buffalo against Rogers (1-3) on September 25.

The Bison started things off on a strong note with a touchdown pass from senior Brett Hoffman to sophomore Kannon Brantley. Bison fans cheered for the Buffalo players as the opposing team booed throughout the quarter.

“It felt really exciting to be able to score a touchdown for the team,” Brantley said. “It’s nice to be able to add points on the scoreboard.”

A quick passing touchdown from Hoffman to senior Jordan Rogers was made at the start of the second quarter, followed by a field goal by senior Francisco Saldana. Before the end of the quarter, Hoffman makes another pass to sophomore Kyle Harrison and makes a touchdown.

“Teague made a touchdown in the second quarter, but I wasn’t too worried about it,” Harrison said. “I knew we were going to play well.”

During halftime, the Bison Belles danced pom routine to “Holiday,” played by the band. The Bison Brigade gave a musical performance of “Malaguena.”

“Performing during halftime always gives me a rush of adrenaline,” Bison Belle captain Kayla Saenz said. “Especially when I’m performing in front of a home crowd.”

To start off the third quarter, the Lions kicked off to the Bison. Shortly after, Hoffman passes to Rogers for a touchdown and Saldana with the extra point. Hoffman then passes the ball to sophomore Kyle Harrison for yet another touchdown, making the score 9-42.

“We were all really focused and that really helped us get ahead,” Hoffman said.

Although the fourth quarter was uneventful, it remained a successful night for the Buffalo Bison. The Mighty Bison took home another victory yet again.

“Although we won, we still need to improve,” senior Benito Avila said. “We are looking forward to playing against Rogers. It’s gonna be a good game.”