Bison dominate Roger Eagles


April Martinez

The Buffalo Bison splattered last week’s competition against the Roger Eagles with a final score of 46-28. Although they didn’t start the game off strong, the Bison fought their way to the end with another victory.

“The game was really intense, especially at the end,” junior Jazlynn Early said. “When Rogers made those two touchdowns, I wasn’t sure if we would be able to recover, but I was so excited when we did.”

Although there weren’t any touchdowns at the start of the game, Buffalo recovered a fumble and intercepted a Rogers pass. At the end of the quarter, senior Brett Hoffman made a long pass to senior Benito Avila.

“We weren’t really focused at the beginning, but we began to pick it up in the second quarter,” Hoffman said. “We fought hard to do what we needed to do.”

While the beginning of the second quarter was unsuccessful for the Bison, with Rogers leading the quarter with two touchdowns, they soon picked up the pace. With only three minutes on the clock, Hoffman passed the ball to sophomore Kyle Harrison for a touchdown. Just as halftime approached, Avila recovered a fumble and made his way to the end zone.

“My first instinct was to just grab the ball,” Avila said. “Then all I remembered was running straight until I was at the end zone.”

The Eagles were eager to lead the game once again, but the Bison came along with another touchdown by Hoffman. Although the Eagles made a touchdown shortly after, the Bison responded with yet another touchdown, making the score 21-28 at the end of the third quarter.

“I think we started to get the hang of it,” Harrison said. “We were more excited about playing.”

The fourth quarter started with a touchdown from Rogers, but senior Eric Beshears made a rushing touchdown right after. The Bison then went on to score two more touchdowns, adding another win to their season.

“We played a really good game last Friday,” Beshears said. “I can’t wait to win next week’s game against Florence.”