Teen love story is a hit


Jazlynn Early

Two teens, 12 hours, one love story; this is what makes up The Sun is Also a Star, the second book of award-winning author Nicola Yoon.

Natasha Kingsley, an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica, has 24 hours until her family’s deportation. Daniel Bae, a Korean-American, wants nothing more than to be a poet, but his parents’ expectations of attending Yale keep him from chasing his dreams. The two teens are polar opposites, considering that Daniel is a hopeless romantic who believes that fate brought the two together and Natasha is a practical woman of science that believes love is only a chemical reaction.

As Natasha desperately attempts to prevent her deportation and Daniel rushes to his college interview, the two teens repeatedly cross paths. Daniel spends the whole day trying to make Natasha fall in love with him. Despite being a phenomenal love story, The Sun Is Also a Star shows some young-adult themes that include awkward parent meetings, God, family issues, and other real-life situations and lessons.

The Sun Is Also a Star is a touching, well-written novel that rivals the factors of scientific fact and theory with the aspects of fate, love, and “meant-to-be.” Yoon expertly writes from the perspectives of multiple characters, rather than purely focusing on how the protagonists see things. This spectacular book had me thinking and sighing all at once.

I was honestly astonished by how amazing this book was. The Sun Is Also a Star is an unforgettable story that I will never grow tired of. I can only hope that the movie, released in theaters May 17, 2019, is as good as the novel. This book is a must-read for every bookworm looking for a beautiful love story with modern-day problems.