Belles adjust to dancing during COVID


April Martinez

The Bison Belles have dealt with major changes over the decades, but adjusting to a global pandemic has been a new experience for the 63rd line. From spending games on the track instead of in the stands to altering dances, the tradition of the Bison Belles continues despite the new restrictions.

“This pandemic has affected this team, but we have been able to modify these changes,” Belle director Melissa Isaacs said. “We are still grateful to be performing during pep rallies and football games.”

The Belles, along with the Brigade, were moved out of the stands to make more room for fans to accommodate the 50 percent capacity allowed at games. A tougher problem to solve was finding ways to maintain social distance during practices and performances.

“Social distancing made it really hard for us to dance,” captain Kayla Saenz said. “We aren’t able to perform stunts because of all the regulations.”

Since the start of the school year, the Bison Belles lost a member due to online learning and two due to personal reasons. Another Belle member was obligated to quarantine for two weeks.

“We lost a lot of girls in the span of three weeks,” Isaacs said. “We’ve had to rearrange formations, but we continue to adjust as these changes are happening.”

The Belles continue to practice and perform during this history-changing pandemic. They refuse to let anything interrupt the legacy of the Bison Belles.

“We’ve had to be more careful with everything,” sophomore Pari Jariwala said. “The rules are stricter, but it’s still so wonderful to enjoy dancing and performing with the Belles.”